A Focus on Performance

Setting goals.  Decisions made.

Make it happen.

...what performance is truly about.

Acquired Brain Injury

  • Rehabilitation Support Services  |  Statutory Accident Benefit Treatment Teams
  • Private Client Services
  • Insurer Return To Work

Academic Coaching

Plan.  Be organized.  Perform.

Manage anxieties.  Learn how to learn.  

No more falling behind.  Achieve academic standing.

Youth Mentorship & Counselling


Study.  Social.  Think.  Perform.  

Whatever the goal, side-by-side, we will make sure you get to the finish line.

What's The Plan?

A personal ritual.

Reflect.  Relief.  Recovery.

Develop your approach.  Know what to expect.  Look forward to challenge.

Sport-Concussion Awareness

Seminars about the impact of #concussion on our youth. 

Learn how individuals and families can successfully manage recovery.